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Conservation and Preservation of the Fez Medina

Historic Preservation of Fes, Geoffrey D. Porter

Fez, Preserving a City, by Josh Martin

International Campaign for the Safeguard of the Medina of Fez, several articles published by the Cultural Heritage Division of UNESCO

Case study: Fez, Morocco - Rehabilitation of the Fez Medina  Important study carried out for the World Bank by the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and the Agence pour la Dedensification et la Rehabilitation de la Medina de Fes (ADER-Fes)

Conservation-Based Cultural, Environmental, and Economic Development: The Case of the Walled City of Fez by Hassan Radoine

Fez: Toward the Rehabilitation of a Great City, Stefano Bianca

Conservation and Rehabilitation Projects for the Old City of Fez, Stefano Bianca

Fez: The Ideal and the Reality of the Islamic City, Stefano Bianca

Valuing the Benefits from Conservation of the Fes Medina, Morocco, World Bank Study

The Sacred Direction and City Structure: A Preliminary Analysis of the Islamic cities of Morocco, Michael Bonine

Sweeping Out the Spiders: Restoring Morocco’s Medersas, Bonnie Kaplan

Sahrij & Sbaiyin Madrassa Complex Added to World Monuments Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites

World Bank to finance rehabilitation of Morocco's historic Fez Medina article in the Arabic News

Restored Synagogue in Fes Dedicated, article in Arabic News


Architecture and Crafts

Traditional Building Techniques in Fes, Alessandra Grillo

Description of Fez with an emphasis on architecture, the Dictionary of Moroccan Architecture

Woodworking in Fes, Catherine Cambazard-Amaham

Moroccan Bronzework in Fes, Catherine Cambazard-Amaham

Muqarnas/Stalactites in Fes; also Muqarnas by Shiro Takahashi

Zellij in Fez, by Louis Werner  Photos of Zellij

The Ceramics of Fes

Fes Textiles:  The Threads of Time in Fez, by Louise W. Mackie of the Royal Ontario Museum

Moroccan Rugs, Catherine Cambazard-Amaham

A Wedding at Fez: Textiles in Transition, by Lotus Stack

Craft Heritage of the Atlas Mountains, Catherine Cambazard-Amaham


Photos of Fez

Digital Library of Photos and Publications about Fes  Excellent photos of monuments and documents about the preservation of the medina

Panorama Pictures of Sehrij Medersa, and Other Medersas, really really cool!!

Fes Medina, superb photos by Suzanna Clarke

Fes, Morocco, January 2004, recent photos by Doug Rinckes

Outstanding Photos of Fes and other cities in Morocco by Robert Watson

More Great Photos of Fes and Morocco by Dominic Sawyer


History of Fes

Historical essay on Fes, Catherine Cambazard-Amaham

History of Fes, from Wikipedia

Description and History of Fez  Encyclopaedia of the Orient

Know before you go to Fez Morocco; Historical essay by same author;  good short essays about Fes

History of Morocco

Leo Africanus’ Description of Fes in the 16th century; pardon the not-very-good translation!

History of the Jewish Community in Fez

Jewish Life in Fes by Cristel, a Fulbright scholar in Fez


Other Articles and Essays about Fez

Fez, by Paul Bowles, 1984; outstanding essay!

The View From  Fes:  Some observations from the Old Medina of Fès in Morocco, a brilliant blog with outstanding photos and text

Morocco: The Soul of the Medina  Looking to buy in an untouched corner of North Africa? Then head for Fez, suggests Sonia Purnell in the Independent, April 5, 2006
"Guarded by the Middle Atlas mountains, just four hours on a plane from London, is the most complete medieval city in the Arab world. Unlike the bohemian tourist playground of Marrakesh, Fez seems suspended in an ancient century long before the advent of easyJet, electricity or iPods." (the author claims that houses in Fez start at £28,000…not the case at all)

Let's Trance, by William Dalrymple in the Guardian,  November 12, 2005
"In its setting, Fes is not unlike Jerusalem, with its steep, narrow bazaars and dense concentration of holy shrines; but while Jerusalem is ever a tinder box of religious conflict and ethnic strife, Fes is a town obviously at ease with itself, and the gentle spirit of its Sufi Islam is quite different from the rival fanaticisms that possess the Middle East."

Out to Lunch in Fez, a very interesting blog by a family of four who spent a month living in Dar Bennis

A Night on the Tiles  By day, Fez is one of the most vibrant medina cities in Morocco.  After dark you see a different side of it.  Jackie Hunter is taken on a moonlit mystery tour.  December 4, 2004 in The Independent

Fasting in Fez  by Helen Ranger, Oct. 4, 2005
"The cannon will fire not once, but three times tonight in Fez as the tiny sliver of moon is sighted to herald the start of Ramadan"

Funky Fez Medina  by Helen Ranger, 26 Oct 2005

A Taste of Africa  Moroccan food is as exotic and vibrant as its bustling souks.  Chris Caldicott gets some culinary tips on a trip to Fes

Good description of a trip to Fez,  Elaine Sutherland

Historic Fez   good recent article about Fez, March 30, 2005

Hats off to Fez   Far from Morocco's most popular haunts is a land of breathtaking scenery and dedicated workers who still put art into craft

Great Expectations  Outstanding Article by Susan Hack in Conde Nast Traveler; includes good section about Fes

Wonderful description of the Fes Medina  "Fes is a city that one cannot fail to be passionate about. The addictive essence of the pounding medina drips into one's veins like a drug that forever leaves you with a thirst to feel more, to dig deeper."

At Home in the Medieval Medina of Fez, Morocco great article by Lori Wood of Fez Medina

Interesting Article about Fes in "Carfree Cities":  Fes is "believed to be the largest contiguous carfree area in the world."

Excellent Photos and text from the same site... Happily the blue plastic awnings have recently been relplaced with traditional cedar ones!

Inner Sanctums, article about riads in Fes in the Guardian, Caroline Roux

Riads set the style agenda as Fez gets its fizz back by Robert Yates

Morocco's Remarkable Riads, by Sylvia Smith, CNN Traveller

The King and I - Lost in Fez   story and photos by J. Marcia Night

Follow Your Nose on the Streets of Fez   Jill Hartley explores the ancient city of Fez; September 11, 2004 in The Times

A Soul Mate in the Souk   Moroccan ‘guides’ put Jeremy Atiyah on his guard — until Hassan steered him to the secret heart of Fez;  March 07, 2004 in The Sunday Times

First in the Queue...for the only direct flights between the UK and Fez   Article in the Sunday Times; British Airways will fly twice-weekly direct from Gatwick to Fez

Fez: City out of Time:  National Geographic article by Jim Metzner with good sound clips of the medina

Fes, Morocco: A Journey in Sound by Jim Metzner

A Language Pilgrimage: Study Arabic in Fez Morocco;  by Cloe Medina Auerhammer

Chasing the Lizard’s Tail, travelogue about Fes by Jens Finke

Hammam trip in Fes: an interesting travelogue about Fes and the hammam

The Hammam, description and instructions by Cristel

Best of Class in Fes:  suggestions for Henna Painting, Antique Shops, and Restaurants

Day Hikes from Fes from an agency offering tailor-made holidays

Museums in Fes and information about other museums in Morocco

Get festive in Fes   Helen Ranger

Fes Festival Makes Room for Gospel, Oud, Jewish Prayer, Jonathan Curiel in the San Francisco Chronicle

Singing in Harmony  The annual music festival in the ancient city of Fez is a time for religious groups to celebrate their shared history. Barnaby Rogerson 12 June 2004

Spirit of Fes Tour

Article about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music

A Strong, Strange Scent of History, article about Fes in the Telegraph, Paul Mansfield

Fez Reveals Morocco's Soul  by Marlise Simons in The New York Times"I wanted to find out why some insiders spoke of Fez as an addiction, why they called it not a place, but a state of mind."

Fatima Mernissi and Life in a Harem in Fes  Washington Post article by Jane Friedman

Morocco Bound: Information for the independent traveler to Morocco: Superb site!  Great selection of travel writing and literature

Travel Intelligence-Morocco:  a superb collection of essays about Morocco

Lonely Planet: Destination Morocco lots of good practical information about travel in Morocco


Books and Films

Books about Fez and Morocco  a list of books and where to buy them.  Other must-buy books about Fez:  Leo the African by Amin Maalouf, The Spider's House by Paul Bowles, and Fez from Bab to Bab by Hammad Berrada; if you can't find the latter in English, get Fes de Bab en Bab: Promenades dans la Medina.

Books and Films about Fez


Practical Matters

Fes Forum on Trip Advisor, a discussion forum about Fes; reviews of riads and hotels in Fez.

Morocco, in the World Factbook  detailed information and statistics

Moroccan Cooking in Fez  outstanding site with info about Moroccan cuisine and how to make it.

Train Schedule to and from Fes

Weather in Fes

Average temperature and rainfall in Fez

Current Time in Fez

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